chinesischer Aufnäher Hersteller sucht Käufer in Deutland

Hier können Geschäftskontakte geknüpft werden, über Stellenangebote diskutiert und Möglichkeiten für die Stellensuche in China diskutiert werden. (Forenregeln beachten)
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chinesischer Aufnäher Hersteller sucht Käufer in Deutland

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We are a company located in Beijing, China, specializing in the production and sale of embroidered patches products, such as embroidered logo of tailored uniforms or team uniforms for enterprises, organizations, clubs, fans. Our embroidered patches can be stitched or ironed on, and are made with fine workmanship and high quality.
We have already supplied many enterprises, clubs and distributors, especially in sports field, in which we have accumulated rich experience in sales, ensuring quality, honesty and credibility.
Our products can be used as follows:
1. companies, organizations, and teams need to add logo to their uniforms to improve their overall image.
2. fans can display the favorite club logo on their clothes.
3. people can display personalized logo on their clothes

Order requirements:
1. if you need to make a reservation, please send a clear vector picture:
2. payment method: PayPal or international transfer
3. min. Order quantity(MOD): 10pcs
4. price negotiable

use method:
(1)Place patch onto anywhere of cloth directly.
(2)Cover a thin cloth on patch,and then iron on. Avoid using iron directly on patch to protect the patch under high temperature.
(3)Keep pressing the iron around 40-60 seconds and temp. Approx 120-150(depends on thethickness of the cloth)
(4)Move out iron,wait for cool down compeletly.

Please contact us:
Beijing Jingtongda technologies Co., Ltd
Email:[email protected]
Telephone number : 0086-18515956719
Skype: [email protected]


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