Zimmer fuer nettes Maedchen in Peking! (Januar 07)

Für alle, die in Peking leben, sich für Peking interessieren oder vor bzw. während ihres Peking-Aufenthalts Kontakte knüpfen und Erfahrungen austauschen möchten.
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Zimmer fuer nettes Maedchen in Peking! (Januar 07)

Beitrag von Mira » 21.12.2006, 16:22

Hallo! Ich suche nach einer netten Person, die mit meiner chinesischen Mitbewohnerin in Peking leben moechte ;-) (Minimum 6 Monate). Hier genauere Infos auf Englisch:

I’ve been living in Beijing together with my Chinese flatmate Ada during the last 6 months. Now that I’m leaving, we would like to find a nice ‘flatmate-replacement’ to live with Ada :-). Since we had great time together I would really like to help her to find someone nice.

If you are an easy-going girl and you are planning to stay at least for 6 months in Beijing, this will be perfect for you: Ada is a very open-minded girl that can help you to find your way around in Beijing. She speaks good English (but she’s also happy to help you to practice Chinese ;-)) and you can have a loooot of fun with her.

Some details about the room:
20sqm room in a 2 bed apartment (3rd floor) - fully furnished (incl. TV, DVD, fridge, water heater, washing machine, microwave oven, air-conditioning, phone, Internet) for 1200RMB/month.

Located in Chaoyang district (embassy area). Bus station (including most of the bigger bus lines) and a bigger shopping mall around the corner, 10 Min. walk to Dongzhimen subway station and 10 Min walk to Sanlitun area. There’s also lots of nice restaurants around with reasonable prices.

For further details please contact Ada:
Tel: 13910028362


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