Chinesisch lernen in Tianjin China

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Chinesisch lernen in Tianjin China

Beitrag von Andreascao » 27.09.2006, 04:27

Tianjin Experimental High School is welcoming students from Europe to study in our school:
1. Invited: students at secondary schools or universities across Europe.
2. Courses: Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Writing, Chinese Music, Chinese Arts, Chinese History, Chinese Geography, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Wushu, Table Tennis, etc.
3. Schedule:
① 2-3 weeks’ Chinese Culture traveling and learning
② 3-6 months’ short-term Chinese Training Course
③ One-year Intensive Chinese Training Course
④ One-year Diploma Program (Excellent students will be recommended to universities in China.)
4. Certificates: Students will receive Chinese certificates of learning issued by Tianjin Experimental High School after training. Those who pass the HSK 100% will be recommended to famous universities in China.
5. Practice: In order to provide the students with chances of practising Chinese while learning, they will have opportunities to go on a field trip in German, French and Italian enterprises in Beijing or Tianjin.
6. Sightseeing: In order to have the students know more about Chinese culture and the development in China, the school will regularly organize the students to travel outside the city.
7. Tuition Fees: 3000 USD/year
8. Accommodations:
Dormitory in school: 2000 USD/year
Home-stay: 3000 USD/year
Hotel outside school: 4000 USD/year
9. Registration Fee: 50 USD
10. Visa Fee: 120 USD
11. Insurance: 40 USD/month

Contact us:

Mr. Cao Yuxiang
Telefon: 0086-13884962379
Add: No.1 Pingshan Road, Tianjin Experimental High School, Hexi District, Tianjin, China, Postcode: 300074

Additional Information:

1. It is about 100 km from Tianjin to Beijing, taking around one-hour by train.
2. Many enterprises from Europe have opened their branches in Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA), such as German Hankel, German Siemens, German SEW, French Lafarge Group, French Tianjin ALSTOM Hydro Co, French Knauf Plasterboard (Tianjin) Co. Ltd., French Air Liquide and so on.

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Beitrag von Koschka » 27.09.2006, 07:51

Von beijing nach Tianjin sind es etwa 140 km , nicht 100(Highway).
Die TEDA befindet sich nicht in Tianjin sondern in Tanggu / Xingang. Das sind noch einmal ca. 40 km in Richtung Wasser.
Sollte der Kollege eigentlich wissen.

Gruss Koschka

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Beitrag von kastner » 27.09.2006, 09:01

Ich lerne Deutsch, suche Tandem Partner in Shanghai!


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